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Le Polle

Le Polle is part of the municipality of Riolunato, the smallest town of the ski area of Mount Cimone, which is right at the mountain's foot. Situated


The town is located in the Upper Modenese Apennines on the border with Tuscany, more specifically, the historical center is situated in a valley at th


Pievepelago is locateed in the Apennines of Modena to over 780 m above sea level on the border with Tuscany. It covers more than 70 square km in the c

How to arrive at Cimone

Recommended route by car: to arrive in Sestola, Fanano, Montecreto-from north: highway A1 take the exit for Modena Sud or Bologna-Casalecchio then car

Museums of Cimone

Museum of Mountain CultureThe Castle of Sestola is the picturesque setting of the Museum of Mountain Culture. Inside, in the rooms once used as stable

Ski Schools in Cimone

The ones who want to learn to ski, go over the basics or learn a new technique can take advantage of the many schools located in the towns of the area

Skilifts of Cimone

The Ski Area Cimone can enumerate 21 skilifts, among the most modern and safe, serving the 34 downhill slopes of the territory. To get back to the sta

Snowkite at Cimone

Snowkite is a funny sport accessible to all. Derived from kite-surfing, is practiced attached to a kite and ensuring foot to a snowboard. Teachers say

Summer sports at Cimone

Mount Cimone is the ideal place for mountain lovers even in summer. Walks and excursions are the main activities you can practice in this season. The

The ski instructors of Cimone

At Cimone there are more than 100 ski instructors all certified by the Italian Winter Sports Federation. The teachers are all prepared to accompany ad

Snow-park Ninfa4All

The snow park "Ninfa4All" is approchable with the same skipass used for the other slopes. It is located along the track of Lago della Ninfa, from whic


Small town of just over 700 inhabitants. This particular name is due to the river Scoltenna that in the center of the town assumes a trend similar to


Situated at 900 m gathered around the church of San Giovanni. From its position Montecreto can boast a magnificent view over the valley of the river S


Situated at the foothills of Mount Cimone is the most famous ski resort of Frignano Park. Nicknamed "the Pearl of the Apennines" actually Sestola owes


It is the largest town of Upper Frignano with a population of just over 3,000 inhabitants that increase in winter. The first important settlements dat

The ski tracks of Cimone

The tracks of Mount Cimone cover every level of difficulty to satisfy every kind of ability and experience of the skiers. There are 15 km of blue runs

Ski Resort of Mount Cimone

The ski resort "Comprensorio Sciistico del Monte Cimone" is located at an altitude between 1200 m and 2160 m on the northern side of the mountain, in