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Small town of just over 700 inhabitants. This particular name is due to the river Scoltenna that in the center of the town assumes a trend similar to the shape of a moon, from this fact derives the name of "rio moon-shaped." It's located on the banks of a small artificial lake whose creation is due to a dam that feeds a hydroelectric plant.

In the past Riolunato was divided in 3 localities: Riolunato, Brocco e Flaminiatico. In medieval times the administrative, economic and religious center of the town was in today's locality of Castello, til in '500 the village in the valley began to assume more importance. The headquarters of the community was then moved to the valley and indicated as Riolunato.

In the locality of Le Polle you can find one of the three tracks of snow-cross of the ski resort of Cimone and the start poin of several ski slopes.

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