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Le Polle is part of the municipality of Riolunato, the smallest town of the ski area of Mount Cimone, which is right at the mountain's foot. Situated at 1280 m above sea level, it's the closest town to the snowy slopes. From Le Polle leave 6 downhill slopes served by 4 skilifts, a snowcross track and a snow park.Le Polle is best known as a tourist destination in winter but there are many opportunities of fun also in the summer. In particular, is promoted hiking in the mountains or in the woods in the valley and mountain biking on the trails, of more or less difficulty, crossing the mountains.In recent years, with the increase of the tourist flow and the resulting increase of that sector, there as been considerable development of hotel and restaurant dedicated to the tourists. Today are increasing even the rental shops with the necessary equipment for winter and summer sports.Very interesting is a walk in the city center of Riolunato, it has preserved the ancient structure of the Middle Ages and  the Renaissance. The town is located in the valley of the river Scoltenna on the shore of an artificial dam created to feed an hydroelectric plant.At the center of town there is Piazza del Trebbo, is here that arise the oldest buildings as Casa Gestri which is a fresco of the '400 depicting the Virgin Mary and Casa Ferrari that still exposes the stone coat of arms of the family. In Piazza Don Antonio Battilani is possible to admire the Parish Church of St. James the Great erected in '600 to bring prestige to the city's patron saint. Other evidence of town's medieval past are located in the locality of Castello, once the administrative center of the city, where there are the ruins of the ancient fortress today transformed in the Church of St. Martin that exploits one of the old towers as a bell.

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