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Situated at 900 m gathered around the church of San Giovanni. From its position Montecreto can boast a magnificent view over the valley of the river Scoltenna. The surrounding forests are full of beech, fir and chestnut while in higher places it's common to find plants of raspberries and blueberries.

Among the most beautiful attractions of the town there is the Rocca di Montecreto, a castle dating back to the Middle Ages of which are still visible the main tower, now transformed into a bell tower, the walls and several watchtowers.

The Gualandelli, lords of Montecreto, obtained the power on the Rocca in the twelfth century and kept it anutill, in 1205, they handed it over to the lordship of Este. Around 1406, following the destruction of the town by the troops of Este, the power passed to the Ballotti family. Montecreto suffered another severe attack with the looting of Napoleonic soldiers at the end of '700.

From the town is easily possible to arrive at 3 downhill slopes for expert skiers of the ski resort of Cimone. 

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