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Situated at the foothills of Mount Cimone is the most famous ski resort of Frignano Park. Nicknamed "the Pearl of the Apennines" actually Sestola owes its name to the Roman figure of Sextus who were entrusted these lands.

At the time of commons, after a fight between Modena and Bologna to claim its possession, Sestola and the Frignano area join to the lordship of Este of Ferrara and obtained the title of capital of the province of Frignano that maintained till 800.

There are numerous places of historical and artistic interest. In addition to the many churches and oratories, stands the Castle (also called the Fortress), rebuilt in the mid-sixteenth century, but of more ancient origins. Is placed on a rock in the highest and most historical part of the town.

Sestola also hosts the Alpine Botanical Garden Esperia, nationally known, about the size of 3 hectares collects apennine and alpine flora.

Sestola is very close to the ski area of Cimone, upstream of the town are in fact the ski localities of Pian del Falco and Lago della Ninfa whence people can arrive to many ski slopes and cross crountry tracks. At Passo del Lupo there are two tracks for snow-cross.

Activities and entertainment are not lacking even in the summer: horseback riding, hiking, climbing, mountain biking are just some of the proposals that you can find in Sestola.

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