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As a major ski resort in winter, the mountain is equipped with lifts that allow reaching near the summit out of the town of Sestola, from Canevare, Fanano fraction, the resort Le Polle and Montecreto of Riolunato. A cable car, even during the summer, connecting step of the Wolf (accessible by car) in Pian Cavallaro, from which you can reach the top in about an hour and a half.
The mountain is the most important ski resort of Emilia-Romagna, called the District of Mount Cimone. The district is divided into various locations between the towns of Sestola, Fanano, Montecreto and Riolunato, all linked together by various fittings (except the ski resort and Sestola Pian del Falco).
The slopes, mostly easy and medium, extend for a total of 50 km. Not more than 2.5 km long, and the gradients are less than 400 m, but unlike the other tracks of the Apennines, stands much higher than the normal width.
From the perspective of climbing the mountain it is of particular interest: no cliffs, and in winter the walls have no particular slopes or gullies interesting. From the landscape point of view there is a significant presence of man-made infrastructure recommend:


Bed and Breakfast Alle Cascate

In the park of Frignano, B & B At the Falls is an ancient fortified house in stone on stream Fellicarolo under whose voltino passed an old path that led to the country.

Distance from Cimone: 7 miles


Hotel Bristol

The Hotel Bristol Restaurant, situated on the way of great communication of the Abetone and the Brennero, in locality New Customs to 2 km from famous Fiumalbo cities of art and at the beginnig of the Val di Luce, is easy raggiungibile is from the Emi...

Distance from Cimone: 4 miles


Hotel Park Hotel

The Park Hotel is located in Fanano and offers guests the opportunity to spend their holidays of sport and relaxation in the heart of Modenese Apennines, on the border with Tuscany.

Distance from Cimone: 6 miles